A wide range of Sustainable Epoxy resin systems for a new generation of products One easy way to lower our impact on the environment
A wide range of Sustainable Epoxy resin systems for a new generation of products
One easy way to lower our impact on the environment

Eco-Resins for high performance products and composites for Europe, Middle East and North Africa

With the firm belief that there is no better research & development lab than Mother Nature, and that more common sense can be applied in the way we run our industries, these are the basis on which we have launched this project, with the aim to add our share for a better world, while offering the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Industry the possibility to use more friendly and sustainable products.

Whether you are a large manufacturer or a do-it-yourselfer, we have a system that's right for you. We can supply from stock a complete line of eco-friendly resin products designed for a wide range of applications and manufacturing processes. From high performance composites to green building materials, we have a ECO-RESIN for you!

ENTROPY Sustainable Resin
(Replacing petrochemicals with a shared biomass stream)

We are bringing SuperSap closer to you, in order that you; your customers; and the end user can start to benefit from the following advantages:

    • Strong and durable composites.
    • High performance material solutions.
    • Low petroleum content, replaced by sustainable and renewable resource.
    • Low environmental impact.

You are only three steps away from enjoying our Eco-solutions. Simply choose which is the application you are looking for, and then select the most suitable system from our product range. Last step, order directly via our on-line shop, or for large orders you can contact us directly.

We are looking forward to simplify the shifting towards a more Bio-based product.

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ISPO Munich - Enviromental Excellence Award for 4 years in a row!

7Sky Eco Wall at ISPO 2012 Munich documented SuperSap dominance in the Eco Responsibility Award.

From left to right...2010 winner Völkl ECO Amaruq, 2011 winner Völkl Nawaro Rent and 2012 winner Niche Story...all built with SuperSap Sustainable Epoxi. 

In 2013, Idris Skis from Chamonix got the Environmental Excellence Award. We are pleased to share with you our joy for these 4 years of Awards!